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my artistic and lived life 


Born in Florence in 1972, I was a good student, naughty but sharp. Always a lover of comics, which influenced my painting, I lived in a harsh and idyllic world during my adolescence. Accustomed to travelling, I shaped my mind in museums and with history (especially European). I've always attended schools with a scientific numerical footprint which paradoxically helped me develop creativity, both in stories and in paintings. I didn't have an academic background, and it shows, but I've always had the desire and courage to throw myself into new adventures , which has led me to make 3 feature films 8 shorts and 840 paintings to date, February 14, 2023. I live a normal life with my partner, let's say normal, without the unnecessary excesses that so many people pursue and seek in my opinion more out of boredom than anything else . I dream of sending some paintings on permanent display to the modern art gallery in Rome.

born in 1972 under the sign of Leo, an animal that I adore. 

Since childhood I have always loved reading, comics in particular, which I think it has had some influence in my art.

For years I lived in Siena, before returning to my native Florence, in the province.

My education takes the form of a high school diploma e an unfinished university (engineering in particular). Then I went into the bank and from there, to escape the boredom of numbers, I shot three feature films and 8 shorts. I started painting in the 2000s, in a first phase doing spray can works and some collages, with the first embryonic paintings, and then from 2018 I painted a lot, but a lot . 

I love to travel 

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